The formation of ANERELA + was inspired to break the silence, negative attitudes, fear, stigma/discrimination and denial associated with HIV and AIDS

Inerela+ is an international, interfaith network of religious leaders, both lay and ordained, women and men, who are living with or personally affected by HIV.
Inerela+ was formed in 2002 at Mukono, Uganda under the leadership of Rev. Canon Gideon Byamugisha together with a group of religious leaders whilst celebrating his 10 years of openly living with HIV and AIDS after publicly declaring that in 1992.
The main objective was to support these leaders to live openly in order to become agents of change by breaking the six evils: Stigma, Shame, Discrimination, Denial, Inaction and Misaction (SSDDIM)

Presently, Inerela+ has 19 networks across Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, with a global membership of over 10,000 which includes Inerela+ Ghana.
Inerela+ Ghana was founded in August 2010 to support religious leaders confronted with SIDDIM in the face of HIV and AIDS.
To assist them, Inerela+ Ghana provided support to enable them cope with their personal situations whilst continuing to lead and give pastoral care to their congregation.